wedding special


140 minutes

Will leave you feeling like a millions dollars!

The process:

Back treatment with massage: The treatment will start with a thorough cleansing of your back followed by a steam treatment which will unclog pores, flush out any impurities and remove excess oil,  deep pressure massage which concentrates on relieving stress and tension in the back, neck and shoulders will be carried out to help relieve stress and tension. A honey mask is applied for 10 minutes to nourish the skin. Good if you suffer with back ache.

Facial:Uses professional salon range from Algolgie - a double cleanse, exfoliation (to get rid of dead dull skin) facial massage followed by a mask and day cream.

Eyebrow grooming:The beauty therapist will decide with you on a suitable way to groom your eyebrows so that they look neat and presentable.

Nail tidy:Nails are trimmed short and filed for a smooth finish.