Sensational Seaweed Facial


70 minutes


The Sensational seaweed facial treatment is the ultimate solution for facial skin care. It is best suited for 50+ skins but can be adapted for most skin types.It also includes a relaxing face and shoulder massage with a hand and arm massage being performed while the mask is on.

It is a combination of a selection of highly active marine ingredients from our Algologie range used with a galvanic treatment. The products contain stem cells from the marine plant Christie Marie which have been proven to have powerful regenerating and repairing properties. 

It will help to draw out de-congestion, deep cleanse and nourish the skin.

The Sensational seaweed facial is a completely safe and non-invasive treatment, suitable for all skin types. 

The treatment,

1. Galvanic- This has 2 effects on the skin - a  thorough deep cleansing/exfoliating  effect and a nourishing/hydrating effect by pushing specific serums and creams deeper into the skins layers.

2.  High frequency- This can be used at the end of the treatment to help with problem/oily skins.