A great pedicure can be as soothing to the soul as... well, to the sole!




Your hands go through a lot during the day. Washing, shopping, cold weather and dry heat all take their toll on the condition of your skin. This Kaeso spa manicure is filled with mulberry, pomegranate and a rich cranberry hand cream that has moisturising properties which treat the hands as delicately as treating the face.

Hands are soaked and cleansed before an application of mulberry scrub removes all traces of dead, rough skin, A deep pomegranate dermal transforming mask is applied and allowed to penetrate into the skin for extreme hydration and softening. Scruffy cuticles are tidied and the hands and lower arms are massaged with a rich cranberry butter leaving your hands super soft and silky. At the end of the treatment your nails are filed and painted with a colour of your choice.





Luxury for your feet! Complete foot heaven!! This treatment consists of a combination of the normal Nailtiques pedicure and Kaeso spa pedicure products of lime, ginger and peppermint. The treatment includes a lime and ginger foot scrub to reduce dry skin and stimulate circulation followed by a peppermint and blueberry foot mask to hydrate the skin leaving feet feeling soft and smooth.

What happens during the treatment: Foot soak, Cutting and filing of your nails, Cuticle and skin tidying, Rejuvenating foot scrub, Foot mask and massage and painting of the nails.

A truly luxurious treatment for dry, rough and hard skin which can be found on the feet.