50 minutes

Microdermabrasion express facials are fantastic for people who have concerns with their skin but don't have much time. Following a consultation, we will focus on your skin concerns. The treatment starts by cleansing your skin with specific Crystal Clear Products. We then use our Crystal Clear machine which gently fires aluminium oxide crystals through a hand held device. This exfoliates the top three microlayers of your skin, encouraging cell renewal which improves elasticity, helps reduce the signs of ageing, and improves the overall skin texture. A mask is used on the skin to give an instant non surgical mini lift effect.

To make the facial just that little bit more special, a hand and arm massage is performed whilst the mask is on. After removing the mask, specialist Crystal Clear products are then used to hydrate, moisturise and protect the skin from environmental damage. This treatment also covers the neck area, if required.

The treatment combats many concerns including:

  ●  Breakouts/Acne or Blackheads/Oily Skin
  ●  Fine Lines/Wrinkles
  ●  Pigmentation due to sun damage and Hyperpigmentation
  ●  Scars
  ●  Uneven Skin Tone
  ●  Loose skin