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... improving well-being is the philosophy of Algologie.

For years, the ancient civilisations turned to the mystical deep blue ocean for its healing powers. Today we understand the powers of the ocean and its plants, and how they can benefit human society, enriched with every mineral known to mankind. Sea water, seaweeds, costal plants and marine sediments are proven to be an essential ingredient in today's beauty regime.

Nestled on the coast of France in the Pan Lan Pennisula is a cosmetic company that prides themselves on providing the best in marine skincare.

Algologie products and treatments offer immediate and long lasting beauty enhancing results for the face and body. For the past 20 years there effectiveness has been recognised in beauty institutes and spas the world over.

The exclusive Algologie treatment method is based on mineralisation and high quality natural professional marine products with a high concentration of active ingredients. All facial treatments at Victoria's Health and Beauty are made up of 6 essential steps;

*Rhythm *Detoxifying *Correcting *Stimulating *Treating *Protecting

We offer an upgrade option on many of our facials. Either:

55 minutes - including a signature ’Marine wave’ face and shoulder massage.

70 minutes - with an exclusive ‘Aquatic world’ massage eye treatment.

Dedicated to helping you look younger for longer. Algologie is the natural choice in skin care.

Latest Client Comments

24/05/2019  Angela in Chepstow
Treatment: Luxury Manicure 
Lillie was completely focused on ensuring I had the perfect experience.She gently guided my choice o....
Rated 10 out of 10
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23/03/2019  Holly in Bristol
Treatment: Free Loader 
I felt so content and relaxed at the end of the treatment. It was just so nice to take the weight of....
Rated 10 out of 10
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