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Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions on St Tropez Tan

Question: What is the difference between spray tan and the cream application?
Answer: There are a few differences between the spray tan and the cream application tan when being applied and during development time, however, the results from both are great. The same lovely colour is achieved and they have almost the same life span which can be maintained by following the correct after care advice, provided to you after your treatment.

The spray tan is most popular as it is quick to apply and (apart from the colour difference ) the product is not noticeable on the skin during development time. You will need to exfoliate your body before you come for the treatment. The cream tan does include the exfoliation and takes longer to apply. You would also find that the cream looks noticeably ‘muddy’ on the skin during development time. Some people opt for this one if the tan is being done as a treat as it is a little more pampering.

Question: What do I need to do prepare my skin before applying St Tropez Tan?
Answer: If you are having a spray tan, you will need to cleanse and exfoliate the skin thoroughly the day before coming to the salon and leave it free of moisturiser. If you are having a cream application we will take care of the exfoliation process for you.

Question: How dark is it on really fair/pale skin?
Answer: For people with really fair skin the product will give them a natural healthy glow, for a deeper tan a second application may need to be applied, which is also offered at the salon. St Tropez tan works with the natural melanin in the skin and will look darker on people with olive skin.

Question: What should I wear whilst I'm waiting for the tan to develop?
It is advised to wear loose baggy clothing, so the tan does is not disturbed or rubbed off by abrasive clothing. Please ensure you wear loose clothing and sandals when visiting the salon. Also, bring an umbrella in case it rains!

Question: How long should I wait before showering?
Answer: A minimum of 4 hours but we recommend waiting overnight before showering to allow the tan to fully develop. This will give superior results.

Question: Does the tan go orange?
No. The formulation has aloe in it which prevents the tan from going orange.

Question: How long will the tan last for?
Answer: Some people report tans lasting up to two weeks. On average a tan will last 7 - 10 days. For a much longer lasting tan, we recommend 2 applications around 2-3 days apart. When you visit us we will recommend the correct homecare to ensure you get maximum results from your tan.

Question: Will it wash off?
Answer:  If you attempt to bathe before the tan has started to develop you are unlikely to see any colour result, a minimum of 4 hours is required and 8 hours is recommended. The tan cannot over develop, it will simply stop developing. Once the tan has developed you can shower or bathe as normal.

Question: Can I go swimming?
Answer: Swimming in the sea on holiday is fine. However, swimming in pools is not advised as chlorine bleaches the tan.

Question: Can I sunbathe with this product?
Answer: The self tan product has no SPF factors in it. Therefore normal protection products would need to be applied on top to sunbathe.

Question: Does the product smell?
Answer: The product contains AromaGuard Technology™ and has a pleasant aroma rather than the usual biscuit smell associated with other self tanners.

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