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Restylane (dermal filler treatment) consists of non-animal hyaluronic acid which helps replace the reduced amounts present in aging skin. As hyaluronic acid a natural constituent of dermal tissue helps bind water in the skin its loss with age allows the skin to appear dry and lax. This loss of fullness can be restored by dermal injections of Restylane at the site of lines and wrinkles as well as into lips for added definition fullness and sensuousness. Certain types of Restylane can be used to enhance facial contours eg. cheek enhancement and tend to last longer in situ (due to the larger size of the gel particles).

Restylane being non-animal in origin is free of risk from transmitted disease.
More than 1500000 treatments with Restylane have been carried out worldwide since 1996.

Side effects:

Common side effects as from any injection might occur - redness swelling pain discolouration. These usually resolve within a few days and within a week for lips.

Hypersensitivity reactions have been reported in approx 1 in 2000 treatments and usually show as swelling at the injection site. Other skin reactions are generally self-limiting with more severe reactions being very rare.

General points:

Make-up in the specific area will need to be removed prior to treatment and when possible a pre-treatment photo taken.

A consent form for treatment will need to be signed.

Lip and peri-oral line treatment will require a local anaesthetic dental block. A topical anaesthetic cream will be offered for other areas treated which will help though may not completely relieve all of the potential discomfort.

Frequency of treatment:

  • Lines and wrinkles away from the mouth - 6-9 months
  • Lines and wrinkles close to the mouth - 6 months
  • Lip enhancement - 6 months

Treatment prices are dependent on the amount of Restylane used

  • 0.5ml (where sufficient for proposed treatment) £200
  • 1.0ml £270

Future treatment discount: For every friend/acquaintance you recommend who has treatment with us up to £30 discount off future treatments.

Important Note - Response to treatment with Restylane can be highly individual. No guarantee can be given regarding the specific outcome in any one case. However response to treatment dosages and positioning of injection sites may provide helpful guidance for future treatments.

To book online: Sorry - Restylane may not be booked online. Please call 0117 403 1288 for bookings.

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