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Pregnancy Packages

Pregnancy Packages

Mama Mio is a special programme of skin-salvation, indulgent maternity treatments designed to relax, comfort and nourish - all specifically designed to be totally safe and effective. The treatments are all individually created to alleviate the main issues of discomfort in pregnancy - increasing skin elasticity, nourishing parched skin, relieving itchy bellies, rejuvenating heavy legs, assisting circulation and reducing water retention.

The Mama Mio range works by improving skin tone and increasing skin elasticity through pregnancy because of the very high level of EFAs contained in the products. Essential Fatty Acids (specifically Omega 3, 6 and 9) are crucial to every cell membrane in our bodies and this includes your skin. When pregnant, EFA levels are at their lowest because the baby is using the mothers EFAs as a food source to make their own healthy bodies. Therefore, at the point when your skin is about to undergo its most challenging test, it is at its weakest. EFA deficiency has a direct effect on the elasticity of your skin, accelerating the aging process. As skin becomes drier, even itchy, you may notice hair becoming less lustrous and nails may become weak and brittle. These treatments are therefore helpful in supplementing levels of Essential Fatty Acids, directly where you need them most - on your skin.

The Fragrance - Mama Mio Gravida

Gravida means pregnancy in Latin and it is a very special element of the Mama Mio range. Gravida is a blend of ten pregnancy-specific essential oils that all combine to create a fragrance which offers emotional benefits, physical benefits and it smells wonderful. In Gravida each one of the oils has been chosen for its safety and its specific benefits during pregnancy. This blend is more than just a fragrance as it adds a crucial layer of physical and psychological benefits to the mama to be.

Please note: It is with regret we are not able to provide treatment within your first trimester. 


The Treatments ...

Lucky Legs Lighten Up

Created to help when your legs feel tired and swollen, this is a lower leg treatment...

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Lucky Legs Lighten Up + Polish

The lighten up lower leg treatment finished with perfect polish...

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Free Loader

A Treatment designed to ease the strain and help relax specific muscles of hips and back...

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Gorgeous Glow Facial

A glorious facial. Superb hydration and glow...

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Mama Pregnancy Massage

A complete body massage using specific prenatal techniques to relax, renew and rejuvenate...

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Gorgeous Glow Top to Toe

Helps alleviate the issues of water retention, stimulating circulation and relaxing muscles...

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29/11/2017  Samantha in Bristol
Treatment: Mama Pregnancy Massage 
Walked in feeling self conscious and a little unsure, walked out feeling relaxed, looked after and w....
Rated 10 out of 10
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15/11/2017  Tim in Quedgeley
Treatment: Swedish Back Massage 
Really pleased with appointment will likely book another in a few weeks time.
Rated 10 out of 10
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