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Electrolysis FAQ

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions on Electrolysis.

Question: Can Electrolysis be used on the Bikini Line?

Answer: Yes it can be used on the Bikini area, but as the hair tends to be much stronger it can take a lot longer to weaken the hair to stop growth. Unless there is minimal hair in this area, electrolysis is not generally advisable.

Question: What kind of electrolysis machine does your salon use?

Answer: We use the Silhouette International EPIL.

Question: How successful is this treatment and what is the average time you tell your patients that this will take to remove hair permanently.

Answer: Electrolysis is a progressive treatment. Overnight results should not be expected as the hairs will weaken over time. It is difficult to say exactly how long this will take as there are several deciding factors but we will be able to discuss this and give estimates during your initial consultation.

Question: Is it possible to have hair removed by electrolysis on my breasts if I have recently had a breast enlargement?

Answer: We advise discussing this with a medical professional prior to visiting the salon for treatment.

Question: I have unwanted hair around my nipples and just below my navel and was enquiring whether electrolysis would be suitable to treat these areas?

Answer: Yes, electrolysis is effective at treating the hairs around the nipples and navel area.

Question: How much would it cost for electrolysis treatment of the bikini line, and how many treatments are needed on average?

Answer: Treatments last 15-20 minutes. It is difficult to say exactly how long this will take as there are several deciding factors such as hair strength and the total area covered but we will be able to discuss this and give estimates during your initial consultation.

Question: I have extremely hairy legs, which is incredibly embarrassing! If I have to let the hairs grow for waxing, I get ingrown hairs, blotchy legs, spots and end up very self-conscious. Is it possible to have electrolysis on your legs, or if not, is there another form of hair removal that you can recommended?

Answer: Electrolysis can not be used on the legs as the process is time consuming, we usually recommend only using electrolysis on smaller areas. Depending on the strength of the hair, you may be better seeking advice from a therapist who offers laser treatments.

Question: I would like to book for a treatment. What do I do now and how can I find you?

Answer: We are based in Bristol - Directions can be found here. To book for electrolysis, follow the information or links at the bottom of this page. Please be aware that if you are a new client, we will need to take a deposit to secure your slot.

Question: I do not live in Bristol, neither do I intend on using you for this treatment, can I still get more advice from you?

Answer: We are unable to reply to every email we receive and are not staffed to offer an advisory service on electrolysis. Please seek out your local beauty salon or carry out a specific search on a search engine such as Yahoo. However, if you have a genuine enquiry on our services or would like to book in for this treatment, please do feel free to use our contact methods below. Of course we are always more than happy to offer support to our clients.

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