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Now the most common aesthetic procedure performed in the USA, botox provides unparalleled treatment for frown lines forehead lines and periorbital lines (crow s feet) as well as having a large number of specific clinical indications including migraine treatment and excessive underarm sweating - botox blocks signal transmission at the nerve junction with the facial muscles thereby relaxing them. Treatment is ideally aimed at partial muscle block thus allowing facial expression to appear more natural.

Overall attainment of wrinkle reduction is achieved by:

  • Relaxing the overlying skin and allowing a degree of natural replenishment of the underlying supportive tissues with time ( >1 yr)
  • Encouraging by its muscle blocking action the learning of modified (less deleterious) facial expression for the future
  • Delaying the otherwise natural deterioration of lines/wrinkles with increasing age while the product is used

Prior treatment works by reducing muscle activity thus prolonging the effective duration of dermal filler treatment in that area.

Treatment areas offered:

  • Frown lines - (Glabellar region)
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Periorbital laughter lines (crow s feet).

Due to the need to balance the relaxation of opposing facial muscle action in some people/skin types treatment of horizontal forehead lines alone is not recommended without the glabellar region also being treated at the same time.

General points:

  • Good results may be obtained from 4-14 days after the first treatment
  • Most people find the injections cause only mild discomfort
  • Immediately after injection there may be mild swelling which usually subsides in 48 hrs
  • Side effects are rare. Occasionally temporary drooping of the eyelid can occur. This may last a few weeks but can be treated in the interim with special eye drops (that as a doctor I am able to prescribe) while awaiting natural resolution
  • Individuals may rarely develop antibodies or allergies to the toxin or may experience watery eyes or double vision
  • Treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Make-up in the specific area will need to be removed prior to treatment and when possible a pre-treatment photo taken for later comparison
  • A consent form will need to be signed prior to treatment

Frequency of treatment:

Every 3 months during the first year thereafter maintenance treatment every 6 months.

Treatment prices:

  • One area - £200
  • Any two areas - £270
  • All three areas - £320

Introductory discount: £30 off each treatment price.

Future treatment discounts: For every friend/acquaintance you recommend who has an anti wrinkle treatment with us up to £30 per recommendation.

To book online: Sorry – this treatment may not be booked online. Please call 0117 403 1288 for bookings.

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