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Algologie Facials The very same professional range of facial skin care products that we use at our salon are also available for you to purchase direct through this website. Use the Algologie facial range at home as part of your regular skin care routine and reap the benefits of beautiful, younger looking, fresher skin.

About Algologie and the Face Product Range: Algologie products won't provide your skin with a "quick fix", you won't find any aggressive ingredients like fruit acids or glygolics that can damage and irritate the skin if not used correctly, nor will you find the latest fad ingredients that are new to the skin care industry.

What you will find is the proven natural anti-ageing benefits of algae, the finest active ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and sourced from around the world and lightly fragranced with the purest of essential oils, all presented in a recyclable glass jar or a specially formulated biodegradable plastic bottle or tube. We take from the ocean and the earth - therefore it is only natural that we also look after mother earth with our packaging.

By preserving your natural beauty and maintaining a healthy skin, it can and will result in a more youthful appearance in the years to come.

Dedicated to helping you look younger for longer. Algologie is the natural choice in skin care.

Facial Cleansers
Everyday our skin is exposed to impurities from the surrounding climate we live in. The make-up we wear, the air-conditioning we work in, the pollution we drive through and the sun we worship all contribute to irreversible damage of the skin if it is not correctly cleansed daily. A good skin care program always starts with an effective cleanser suited to your skin type. Algologie offers you a range of cleansers which removes all traces of impurities helping to preserve the elasticity giving you a soft and supple skin.

Toning Lotions
After cleansing, it is then vital to prepare our skin by toning to ensure a perfectly cleansed and balanced skin, as the hardening effects of tap water alters our ph level. Algologie seawater based toners are super packed with minerals that are beneficial to the skin, such as iron, magnesium, zinc and copper, to maintain and re-balance the skin. It removes excess cleanser and enables the absorption of further product applications.

Face Exfoliants
As skin cells renew themselves, a build up of dead skin cells sit on top of the skins surface, preventing active ingredients from penetrating into the skin leaving the epidermis looking dull and lifeless. Algologie's exfoliants for the face, hydrate, re-mineralise and gently polish the epidermis, thus removing the build up of dead skin cells leaving the skin soft and supple with a youthful radiant glow.

Facial Masks
The daily maintenance of a healthy skin is easily intensified with an application of a face and neck mask once a week. Algologie's Masks are jam packed with remarkable active anti-ageing ingredients, designed to purify, hydrate & nourish the skin, leaving it feeling younger, firmer and rejuvenated with a youthful radiance.

Eye Care
The delicate eye area is one of the first places to show the signs of the ageing process due to the lack of moisture found in the fine tissues of the surrounding area. Easily congested, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines are often associated with the ageing of the eye area. The combination of Algologie's Eye Line gently decongests, hydrates and slows down the ageing process giving an instant tightening, and firming effect with visible results.

Face Creams
Everyday our skin needs protection against the drying and ageing effects of the environment. Algologie moisturisers contain carefully selected active ingredients to boost and restore the skins natural defence mechanism, providing hydration and protection, recapturing the skins radiance, elasticity and softness, while slowing down the ageing process.

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